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We make use of the accumulated long-term experience of international machine-building companies. We have a clear and complete understanding of project management competencies and technologies. All of the above allows us to guarantee high quality of our work in the field of project management. Right from the start of our collaboration we set exact deadlines and observe them until the work is successfully implemented on the production sites.

Do you have an exclusive production? All offers for technological outfit don’t suit you? There is not a single option that would satisfy you 100%? Don't adjust to the circumstances. There is another, more beneficial way out for you.

Project implementation includes:

  • Individual approach to project engineering. We put away all the standard and conventional options. Your needs are the key. We don’t suggest choosing from finished products, we create new things specifically for you
  • Package (packaged unit) delivery. We are interested in ensuring that the equipment is at a maximum degree of manufacturer readiness. It excludes the possibility of new technical failures at the stage of assembling and mounting. So we minimize the amount of construction and installation works at your site
  • Installation supervision works. For an excellent result we recruit long-term partners, as well as companies specializing in the production of main equipment
  • Commissioning works (gas conditioning station, industrial systems). We have implemented more than 20 projects in this field. All works are performed properly with high quality and the production equipment functions flawlessly
  • Warranty. It is a separate document, which states our responsibility for the equipment to function properly and at a professional level. After we deliver the project and you accept it, we give you the warranty and offer further aftersale service of screw compressors, booster compressor stations, and repairs of gas compressors.
Would you like to order a project implementation for your production needs? Do you need a consultation from the world-class specialists? Do you want to entrust the job to a company with a high level of responsibility? Let us know. This collaboration will be effective, productive and of high quality..
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